About Art Village

Art Village, located on the Eighth floor, Block B of Kelana Square, Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Is an art gallery providing art buyers and collectors an affordable range of artworks by local and South East Asian artists to enrich lifestyles and enliven homes and offices.

Established in 2005, Art Village has a total gallery space of 5,000sq/ft and is owned by an artist with a determination to support and nurture the local art industry. The gallery houses more than 1,000 ready to hang art pieces of varied sizes. From small paintings and sculptures to large dynamic works, Art Village is focused on providing buyers and collectors a wide range of different styles of art pieces to suit their interests.

All artworks are sourced directly from artists around the continent, providing viewers a vibrant and lively assortment of choices. Besides housing a wide array of affordable paintings, Art Village also has a Fine Art collection to offer more unique options for art buyers.

Apart from its astounding compilation of artworks, the gallery provides clients consultation and assistance when it comes to determining which paintings will suit homes and offices. The gallery is also attentive towards clients with more specific tastes, so that art buyers will be satisfied with the new addition to their homes and collections. With services such as digitally manipulating images of your homes and offices to determine which paintings will suit your lifestyle best, to efficient framing and delivery services, Art Village prides itself in working closely with artists and clients to provide a wide spectrum of quality artworks to decorate your lives with.